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March 3, 2008

Ladies' Home Journal's Predictions for 2001
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    Ladies Home Journal Predictions

    We here at Mostly for Me definitely enjoy our science fiction - but this article goes one better. Instead of guessing about how our futures might look, this article from the 1901 Ladies Home Journal describes how THEY thought things would look in 2001, a century after the article was written.

    Some of the material is dead on target. People are now taller. Ready-made meals are bought from stores, no cooking required. We do, in fact, use "Air-Ships" for transportation, and "wireless telephone and telegraph circuits" certainly "span the world." According to the prediction, we should be "able to telephone China quite as readily as we now talk from New York to Brooklyn. By an automatic signal they will connect with any circuit in their locality without the intervention of a 'hello girl.'" And so we are. There has never been a single "hello girl" on my telephone line, and it's a crying shame. And although we don't purchase things from stores by pneumatic tube, I would say that shopping online is close enough for me. It's not pneumatic, but I hear there are tubes.

    Other predictions were not to accurate. "Peas and beans will be as large as beets," for example: no luck there. The ladies also predicted that mosquitoes, flies, rats, roaches and other pests would all be eliminated. From the heart of New York City, I'm here to testify that we're not even close. And let me add to that, the prediction our large cities will be free of traffic, as all transportation "...will be below or high above ground when brought within city limits." Sign me up for THAT!

    The article is well worth a read - see a (barely) legible version by clicking on the image above.

    Full article: davidthedesigner.com


    Cheeky Monkey

    Posted by MostlyForMe at March 3, 2008 7:15 PM

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    That is truly awesome. Its amazing how spot on they are with some things. Its also incredible the way things are described, how much we have changed in 100 years.

    Posted by: Rowr14 at March 6, 2008 11:28 AM

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