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September 16, 2005

Nintendo Reinvents The Future
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    " Hi! I'm the Glove Master and this is my apprentice Little Digit. We're going to take you to a new dimension in game play; a dimension that puts amazing powers right in your hand. With the flick of a finger you can devastate an army of attackers or deliver a deadly blow to your enemy." &mdashMattel's Power Glove Instructions for NES

    After setting the hype machine to eleven for the better part of a year, Nintendo has finally delivered the goods on its next generation gaming console, currently named 'Revolution'. Well, at least some of the goods.

    At the keynote address for this year's Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata finally took the wraps off of the much ballyhooed Revolution controller. Here's the skinny...

    In order to attract a wider audience to gaming Nintendo has opted to give the Revolution controller a less alienating and frightening appearance. The siren's call that Nintendo chose to lead the flocks of would be gamers to the Revolution? A TV remote.

    With a slim, milky white, vertical aesthic the standard Revolution controller looks like a cross between an original NES controller and an iPod. The point though is to be able to use this controller with one hand. How is that done? Well the controller is more of a wand with buttons than a traditional game controller. Using special Nintendo magic motion sensing technology the user will be able to interact with his/her game by waving the controller around.

    Swing your bat, swing the controller. Look around the screen, move the controller. There's also room to plug in other devices into the button of the controller, such as more traditional analog sticks. This combination apparently can allow for movement with the analog stick and free looking by waving the controller around.

    Sounds really interesting. I thought we did this with the Nintendo Powerglove, like 15 years ago, but I guess it's time to revisit it. The big question is whether gamers and 3rd party developers will embrace the new technology. My money? I think a good portion of Revolution games will support standard controllers through the expansion ports. I'd like to see the new controller catch on, but the battle for developer and consumer money is not an easy one.

    Full Article: Nintendo Reveals 'Revolution'-ary Controller in Keynote Speech

    Kid Sunshine

    Posted by MostlyForMe at September 16, 2005 6:07 PM