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September 27, 2005

Intelligent Designer Says "All Part of the Plan"
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    "This case is about free inquiry and education, not about a religious agenda." &mdashEvolution Lawsuit Opens in Pennsylvania - New York Times

    Today was the beginning of the latest court battle concerning evolution being taught in public schools. Eleven parents from Dover, Pennsylvania are suing their school board for the inclusion of Intelligent Design (ID) as an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution. Creationism, having been banned from being taught in public schools in 1987, should not be confused with ID.

    there are natural systems that cannot be adequately explained in terms of undirected natural forces and that exhibit features which in any other circumstance we would attribute to intelligence. —William Dembski, Leading ID Proponent

    Ok, well it can be a little bit confusing. Seeing as most ID supporters don't spell it out for you, the intelligent designer isn't Apple or even the Dutch, it's God (capital "G"). So in case you're confused, most of the time we're talking about God having planned out all this 'so called evolution' and whatnot because, really, it's too complicated for nature to suss out on its own.

    So the major argument for teaching ID in schools is something like this: Hey, there are things about Darwin's theory we don't understand (yes, evolution based on Darwin's research is an actual scientific theory, not to be confused with Intelligent Design which is, in the scientific canon, on par with an email you got forwarded from your Mom), so why can't we fill in the gaps with an omnipotent being? Oh yeah? Prove to me He doesn't exist!

    And so on and on it goes. This will probably go to the Supreme Court and I suspect, lose. I have no issue with alternate theories, myths, anecdotes, funny stories about the origin of our species. What I do take issue with is teaching poor/bad science in a science classroom. It still is a science class, and in that respect we should not allow children to be confused by ideas that hold no scientific value.

    I remember learning about Lamarck's discredited theory of evolution and heredity in my biology class. Lamarck believed that generations of a species could inherit acquired traits, as such that if I chopped my arm off my child could be born with one arm. Yes I was taught it, and I was also taught it was rubbish. I don't even think Intelligent Design has earned the right to be taught as a poor hypothesis, let alone an alternative to Darwin's theory of evolution. Science does not deal in things that are not provable nor demonstrable. That's why humans invented philosophy.

    Full Article: Evolution Lawsuit Opens in Pennsylvania - New York Times
    (Via New York Times)

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