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September 26, 2005

ARRRRGGHH!! Blast Ye Robots!

    "'The biggest treasure in history has been located" &mdashNew Scientist Breaking News - Robot claims 'treasure island' booty

    GARR! They found me booty!

    Apparently a Chilean company by the name of Wagner Technologies has gone AND CHEATED by developing a fancy-treasure-finding-robot dubbed Arturito (the audible sound heard when trying to say R2-D2 with too many Pringles in yer' mouth). While the rest of we Goonies have been wasting time with secret maps and ingeniously devised traps and puzzles, Wagner Technologies has used things like 'science' and 'technology' to hit a stash so big it could make One Eyed Willy's 'rich stuff' look like something found in the crack of your couch.

    So about my treasure...my beautiful treasure. The fabled treasure has reportedly been found on the very island that inspired Daniel Defoe's tale of human isolation Robinson Crusoe. The island, now actually just named Robinson Crusoe, is 660 kilometers off the coast of Chile. That's like right around the corner from New York!

    Back to more of the fantastic and mysterious. The treasure tale goes something like this: In 1715 Spanish sailor Juan Esteban Ubilla-Echeverria (long names make the story seem more legitimate) buried his gigundo treasure horde on the island. Then it was dug up by some other sailor, the Britain Cornelius Webb. I guess Webb and the Mrs. got into some kind of fight over where they were going to store 800 barrels of gold ingots because he reportedly reburied it at some other location on the same island.

    Yes that's right, the treasure is rumored to be as large as 800 barrels of gold ignots. Using my "Ignots To Dollars" widget that's around $10 billion. Obviously Chile says it already has full dibs on any treasure found.

    Regardless (IT'S MINE), as soon as their permits go through Wagner Technologies plans on excavating. MAN!! I need some treasure! I need a little robot to find me treasure!! ARRRRGGHHH! I'm sure even if Chile claims the loot, some barrels are finding their way back to Wagner Tech home base.

    Of note, the method used to find the treasure under 15 meters of muck makes it "very, very difficult" to be a reliable treasure sniffing tool. What I'm saying is, set sail me boys, thar may be treasure still!

    Full Article: Robot claims 'treasure island' booty
    (Via New Scientist)

    Kid Sunshine

    Posted by MostlyForMe at September 26, 2005 6:12 PM