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August 31, 2005

Science Schmience
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    "Other religiously impelled abuses of scientific information, supported by conservatives, include claims that social science supports the effectiveness of abstinence education, that condoms aren't very good at preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer or mental illness in women, that adult stem cells have more research promise than embryonic ones or can even replace them for scientific purposes—the list goes on and on. But it is only half the story" &mdashThe Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney

    I would just like to briefly point out this book I came across from a Wired Review.

    To be clear, I haven't read the book (yet) but the title seemed so interesting and the cover design so gosh darn slick, well, I got very excited.

    The book, as I understand it, tells the sad tale of how politics, religion and money all play a role in Republicans bending science to support their agendas. Not that Republicans are the only ones guilty, but dang, they sure do have a lot of money to do some wacky things.

    So, that's about it. I can't say more until I've read it, as it might be some raving, nonsensical disaster. That being said, it looks like an interesting item that might provide some background and context for the *ahem* evolving *ahem* debates concerning Intelligent Design.

    Full Article: The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney
    (Via Wired)

    Kid Sunshine

    Posted by MostlyForMe at August 31, 2005 7:53 PM