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August 23, 2005

It's Like They Just Filmed My Life...

    "The girls are off to Vegas, baby! And it's sinfully delicious, what with all of the cocktails, birthday cake, flashing and wet 'n' wild group showers--yes, that's right, group showers!" &mdashE! Online

    Well, reality doesn't hit much closer to home than this, folks. Hugh Hefner has removed the opaque you're-not-fooling-anyone-i-know-that's-not-an-old-navy-catalogue black wrapper surrounding the Playboy Mansion and its infamous residents.

    In this eight-part series we'll be able to follow the 78 year old tomcat, who not only basically gets to sleep with these airbrushed beauties for a living; WHO NOT ONLY lives in a gigundo mansion filled with boobies and legs; But the man who has totally made walking around all day in his silk pjs not just acceptable, but expected.

    [Little personal note here. When I was a youngin' living with my folks, pjs past 7:30am would usually result in being called Oscar Madison, and I would be showered with yard work instead of beautiful blonde women.]

    So anyway, Hugh has three "girlfriends" with whom he "shares" the spotlight. They kind of all look like alien clones, but hey, to each his own, where own is getting three hotties to sleep with your geriatric (though personable) self. I like Hugh, I do. The idea of putting a camera in there kind of destroys some of the mystery and fantasy of the whole thing, seemingly for a buck and some cheap money shots, but I'm sure it will be done tastefully. Mostly though, I just watch it for the articles.

    Full Article: "Girls Next Door" — E! TV
    (Via [Heard About On] Air America)

    Kid Sunshine

    Posted by MostlyForMe at August 23, 2005 11:03 PM