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August 24, 2005

If this were England, we'd have to deport you Pat.
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    "I said our special forces could take him out. Take him out could be a number of things including kidnapping" &mdash I AM BATSHIT INSANE (quoted from Reuters.com)

    Whew...Thank Pat's god!

    Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, host of the 700 Club and a guy who is decidedly more pro Bush than a bored suburban dad with a topiary fetish, is tired of all this pussy footing around with other countries leaders, as quoted from his recent 700 Club broadcast:

    We don't need another $200bn war to get rid of one, you know, strong-arm dictator.

    After basically calling for the assassination of the current (elected) Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Pat Robertson cleared things up a bit by making sure people understood that 'taking him out' could mean anything. Pat then intimated that only a higher power, such as God or Karl Rove, actually had the jurisdiction to kill people.

    Asked to respond to the statement the White House's U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld replied "our department doesn't do that kind of thing," which resulted in one member of the White House staff snorting and accidentally spitting his gum out onto the press core.

    For those who like to connect dots, or just do some critical thinking, a reminder that Venezuela is the fourth largest oil supplier to the states, and Chavez ain't too happy with the old U.S. and is generally spooked about that thing we shall refer as the "don't do that kind of thing"-thing. Chavez has also offered to sell discounted fuel directly to impoverished areas of the U.S., bypassing American oil companies. That makes Exxon cry.

    Chavez's response to the whole Pat Robertson situation?

    "I don't know who that person is" - Pres. Chavez

    Full Article: U.S. evangelist backs off Chavez assassination call
    (Via Reuters)

    Kid Sunshine

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