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August 18, 2005

Bill Gates Likes to See Kids Cry At Christmas
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    "...buyers will be able to purchase a no-frills version for $299.99 or a bells-and-whistles version for $399.99."&mdashMicrosoft sets price for Xbox 360 - Aug. 17, 2005

    Well blow me down. Bells-and-whistles version? Apparently the 20GB hard drive (not standard on the $299.99 version) counts as either a bell or a whistle and, according to the article, you won't be able to play current Xbox titles without a hard drive. Backwards compatibility also a 'bonus' feature.

    XBL out of the box? Well possibly not, unless you shell out the extra $100. The Xbox live headset also only comes with the $399.99 version.
    [Edit: Apparently a wired headset comes will come with the $299.99 version and a fancy wireless headset will come with the $399.99]

    Oh this one is awesome. Wireless controller? Well the $399.99 'suped-up' version has one, but the $299.99 model only comes with a wired controller that needs to be plugged in to play.

    So really people, make no mistake the Xbox 360 costs $400. I'm not so much miffed at the price point, but marketing a watered down $299.99 'Lite' version seems like a slap in the face. Keep in mind that consoles have never broken the $300 mark on launch, so Microsoft is probably trying to say "Look we're competitively priced", but really it's not the system they've been advertising.

    Kids make sure you put "Dear Santa, I would like 1 Xbox 360 (the $400 one only, don't go cheap on me now!)" on your Xmas list this year.

    Grumble Grumble

    Full Article: Microsoft sets price for Xbox 360 - Aug. 17, 2005
    (Via CNN.com - Technology )

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    Kid Sunshine

    Posted by MostlyForMe at August 18, 2005 1:49 PM